Handling Your Dairy Products

Keeping your dairy products fresh is a challenge when you want to bring it for ‘pasalubong’ to your family and friends. Or when you simply want to store it for yourself for later. But fret not! Because here, we give you a quick look on how to keep everything fresh, and we don’t mean just in your house but this is a complete guide from buying, transporting and buying.


When buying…

    • Check the products you bought before leaving the store
    • Make sure that the products are tightly sealed
    • Check the label for expiration/best before dates


  • Provide cooling container if the products will not be consumed immediately. (Suggested temp. 18-20 °C)


When transporting….

  • Make sure that the products are tightly stored in the cooler to avoid the container getting damaged
  • Temperature should be kept at 20°C or below


When storing…

  • Each product must be kept according to its temperature requirement to maintain its freshness and quality.
  • Newly purchased products must be placed at the back of the products that were previously purchased. This is to ensure that the products that were bought earlier will be consumed first.
  • Follow the rule of consumer inventory that says, “FIRST IN, FIRST OUT!”


FRESH MILK. Fresh milk can be stored for a week at  0-4°C, however, if not refrigerated, the milk may only be good 1-2 hours under air conditioned vehicle or room. In case of the latter condition,  consume the product immediately.




CHOCO MILK. Choco milk’s shelf life is twice longer than the fresh milk. It is because fresh milk is 100% pasteurized Buffalo milk while choco milk is mixed with chocolate and sugar for flavor,  that also serve as its natural preservative. Yet still,  choco milk must be stored in the same temperature as fresh milk at 0-4°C.


WHITE CHEESE. Unlike choco milk, keeping it fresh is not so much of a challenge as you can store it for 14 days at 0-4°C.  So go ahead and buy as much white cheese as you want for the next two weeks!



PASTILLAS DE LECHE. This is a delight! This milky candy can be stored for 30 days if refrigerated. However, in room temperature, pastillas is good for only eight days. Ideal temperature for your pastillas is about 4-10°C.


MILK-O-JEL. This tasteful desert can be stored for 12 days if refrigerated at 4-10°C.


YOGHURT & YOGHURT DRINK. Both the yoghurt and the yoghurt drink have the same shelf life as the choco milk, which is two weeks at 0-4°C.



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