Feature: Yoghurt Made From Buffalo Milk

You know how last time, we shared all the health benefits of buffalo milk? As we have mentioned, buffalo milk is a healthy option for you and your family. Protein for example, calcium and energy is very abundant in just a glass of your pure buffalo milk! If you have not read the article yet, you can read it here.

Yoghurt and yoghurt drink, are one of the dairy products that are made from the Buffalo milk. If you have noticed how  the dairy products section of your favorite supermarket different flavors and brand of yoghurt had blossomed so abundantly, then you are a witness how this new well-loved dessert and guilt-free treat had been popular within the country. You yourself had probably tried one or two cups of it.

If you have, congratulations! Because you have rewarded yourself a prime healthy treat.

So what good does yoghurt and yoghurt drink for you, you ask? Here’s what:

First, because buffalo milk is the based ingredient of making this delight, a serving of yoghurt gives you all the health benefits the pure and fresh buffalo milk has.

There is also one word that is often tied with yoghurt and you yourself had probably heard about it once or twice- ‘probiotics’. But what exactly is ‘probiotics’? Probiotics is bacteria, but unlike the bacteria that we know, which are harmful to our body, probiotics is a form of good bacteria. They are naturally present in our digestive system, responsible for our digestion. This good bacteria is packed in every cup of yoghurt making yoghurt a healthy choice and a great help in keeping your digestion fast. This helps you stay fit and cleanses your body. There are also some studies that say probiotics can boost your immune system!

So go ahead and discover this food that does not only look good, smell good, and taste good but also does good. And feel free to comment below and let us know about your experience.


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