Buffalo-Based Products Made Especially For You

Have you ever wonder why dairy products made from carabao’s milk are more tasty and delicious?  It is known for its creaminess because of its high nutritional content making it a premium ingredient for delicious dairy product or uniquely appetizing recipe. Every serving of buffalo milk is packed with rich taste and essential vitamins and minerals. Its low level of cholesterol makes buffalo milk a healthy option for the heart.

The Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) has made it possible for consumers to enjoy the goodness of buffalo milk in different forms, may it be a refreshing and healthy beverage, a tasteful bread filling, or even everyone’s favorite comfort food.

Enjoying milk has never been this good! You can now reward yourself with these treats while helping thousands of local dairy-raisers by patronizing these delicious products.

This brochure will guide you through the different drinks and delicacies available to satisfy your cravings while giving you the nutrients that your body needs.




Taste the raw goodness and rich taste of buffalo milk with this healthy drink. Made from 100% pure buffalo milk, this beverage promises to give you the freshness that you are craving for. After being pasteurized, the milk is hygienically  packed in containers preserving its pure, mildly sweet and creamy taste. It comes in 200mL and 1000mL bottle.

Shelf life: 7 days

Storage Requirement: Store at 0-4°C




Are you a chocolate lover? Experience the goodness of chocolate with this nutritious and energy boosting buffalo milk drink. Every drop of this luscious treat is bursting with flavor and packed with calcium ideal for growing kids to keep their bones strong. It comes in 200mL and 1000mL bottle.

Shelf life: 14 days

Storage Requirement: Store at 0-4°C





If you are someone who enjoys bringing magical dishes into life then white cheese can be your new best friend. It is perfect for baking, cooking or even for making a simple dip to partner your chips and nachos with. White cheese can give life to a simple bread for breakfast. Every slice of this flavor-packed cheese is filled with rich nutrient from buffalo milk and its soft texture makes every bite a delight.

Shelf life: 14 days

Storage Requirement: Store at 0-4°C




Pastillas de leche has been a well-loved delicacy among Filipinos and has been passed on from generation to generation. This milky treat is now made even better with the creamy, rich taste of pure buffalo milk. This combination adds more flavor and nutrients to every piece of this soft milk candy.

Shelf life: Room temperature: 8 days

  Refrigerated: 30 days

Storage Requirement: Refrigerate at 4-10°C




Leche flan without the guilt? Try this sweet and milky dessert! Milk-o-jel is another buffalo milk-based product that you can add to your new favorites to satisfy both your sweet tooth and healthy choices. Every scoop promises a taste perfect mixture of milk, sugar and gelatin. Don’t miss out and let this happiness melt in your mouth.

Shelf life: 12 days

Storage Requirement: Store at 4-10°C




This flavorful delight is a healthy probiotic dairy product filled with bits of real fruits. Each spoonful of this guilt-free treat comes with good bacteria that helps for better digestion. So give in and satisfy your cravings keeping yourself young and sexy.

Shelf life: 14 days

Storage Requirement: Store at 0-4°C


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